There’s kindergarten.
And then there’s
Tools kindergarten.

When you walk into a Tools kindergarten, you see curious explorers becoming independent self-regulated learners. Tools kindergarteners master the skills they need to be successful in school and life. And they do this in the most age-appropriate way, through exploring ecosystems around the world.

Tools kindergarten helps children:

  • Build academic and self-regulation skills in every activity
  • Develop foundational literacy, math, science and social studies skills
  • Activate and amplify their innate, intrinsic motivation to learn 
  • Practice writing daily with Tools unique Scaffolded Writing 
  • Receive 1:1 reading instruction with teacher and support from peer partners
  • Learn, grow and thrive regardless of their unique abilities

What Tools families say

We had two children go through Tools of the Mind. We were amazed at all the things the kids learned! They'd count money because they learned it in the grocery store center. We love all the interactions they had with all the other students. They had so much fun in school while learning! Our kids still talk about 4K and kindergarten and they're going into 3rd and 4th grade!

Beth Rank
Kindergarten Family

Tools helped my daughter and I both understand the value of not just academics, but the cognitive, self-regulation and emotional skills that are important to becoming a great student. I attribute my daughter's academic advanced placement to the foundation that was formed by her Tools Kindergarten teacher.

Kamla Bhalai
Kindergarten Family

I could write a whole book on what an amazing person my child's Tools teacher is. She gave my child confidence and patience and taught her to think for herself. Thanks to Tools, I saw crazy jumps in my daughter's ability to read and write. She loved exploring the world with Jack and Annie!

Sara Palumbo
Kindergarten Family

Tools is an amazing way to teach children. All three of my children did Tools kindergarten and they still talk about it. Their Tools teachers took a huge interest in all the children's development and growth. I was very surprised and grateful how much my children grew in math and reading in one year.

Ashley Walker
Kindergarten Family

I didn't learn half as much in kindergarten as my child did in his Tools kindergarten. He doesn’t even realize he’s writing a sentence, yet he’s doing it. I say: “You just wrote a whole sentence by yourself, using sight words, sounds and phonetics!” I so appreciate what his Tools teacher did to support this.

Lego Foundation Funded Study
Kindergarten Family

Tools of the Mind gives our children the best start to learning. My child developed so many social skills and so much responsibility. He was always excited to tell me about the role playing, dressing up and each new week’s activities.

Angelique Meyer
Kindergarten Family

What will my child learn in Tools kindergarten?

All Tools activities develop self-regulation, social skills and academic readiness. Your Tools kindergartener will develop the foundational skills they need for first grade and all of school and life.

Tools empowers
children to...

Plan before they act, developing the self-regulation needed for school and life

Sustain attention to learn– focusing and shifting attention as needed

Play to learn in all content areas, including literacy, math and science

Write to plan and remember while developing foundational literacy skills through Scaffolded Writing

Use decoding strategies independently to become motivated, active readers

Set learning goals to plan and reflect on their progress as they learn how to learn 

Resolve conflicts with peers using age-appropriate strategies

Engage in playful learning with every peer in their classroom

Frequently asked questions

My child has special needs, is on the autism spectrum, or receiving speech and language support. How will Tools support my child’s development?

We have a commitment to preserving our native language at home. How will my child be supported in a Tools classroom?

My child‘s skills are way beyond kindergarten. What will capture my child’s interest?

I really want to be connected to my child’s teacher and know if my child has a challenge. Will that happen?

Tools kindergarten is designed to authentically include and meet each child where they are. These are the kinds of questions we hear often. Families, we understand. We want to assure you that no matter what your child’s unique needs or situation, the answer is the same. Tools teachers meet each child where they are and enable them to reach their full potential.

Some children can’t hold a pencil or write a letter. Some are reading chapter books when they enter kindergarten. Some are talking and social, while others are introverted and nonverbal. Some are learning two languages. Some have identified special needs and IEPs. Some may be just beginning to develop self-regulation and may have social conflicts or behavior challenges. All children learn, grow and thrive in Tools classrooms. 

Rest assured, when your child is in a Tools classroom, you’ll get all the support and communication you need for your unique child. We provide Tools teachers with easy ways to communicate with families, so you can message back and forth and even message in your family’s native language. Our mission is to empower teachers to empower all children. 

And our teachers don’t do this alone. It’s the partnership with you that truly enables each child to reach their full potential. Teachers and families working together truly boosts a child’s development, because no one knows your child better than you.