There’s kindergarten. And then there’s Tools kindergarten.

When you walk into a Tools kindergarten, you see curious explorers becoming independent self-regulated learners. Tools kindergarteners master the skills they need to be successful in school and life. And they do this in the most age-appropriate way, through exploring ecosystems around the world.

Tools kindergarten helps children:

  • Build academic and self-regulation skills in every activity
  • Develop foundational literacy, math, science and social studies skills
  • Activate and amplify their innate intrinsic motivation to learn 
  • Practice writing daily with Tools unique Scaffolded Writing 
  • Receive individual reading instruction from the teacher and support from peer partners
  • Learn, grow and thrive regardless of their unique abilities

What Tools administrators say

One of my favorite aspects about Tools curriculum is the emphasis on self-regulation. Walking into all of our 4K and Kindergarten classrooms, it is widely evident the role this curriculum plays into creating regulated and independent students. The children know what's expected of them and modeling is used to reinforce these skills. These classrooms work like a well-oiled machine to deliver social-emotional and academic content. The students absolutely LOVE to dramatize!

Nikki Steigerwald
Literacy Coordinator
Wittenberg, WI

Tools of the Mind is the most developmentally appropriate program available. The children learn while having fun!

Gail Fazio
Supervisor of Early Childhood
Linden, NJ

We selected Tools of the Mind as our curriculum because we didn’t want our students’ socioeconomic status to determine their education. With Tools, our learners are motivated to take ownership of their learning and fully engage in their learning environments. We've really benefited from the fact that this curriculum emphasizes executive function and uses a whole child focus to allow us to teach at risk children without the notion of pedagogy of poverty.

Melissa Parisi
Director of ECE
New Brunswick, NJ

Tools is unlike any other program and has more success than any other program, because it truly zeroes in on the cognitive and affective development children are ready for.

Curt Angeli
Principal, Gillett School District
Gillett, WI

My favorite thing about the Tools of the Mind program is that it provides students and teachers with the right tools to be successful. The teachers don’t have to spend time creating lessons and reinventing the wheel because the wheel is already created and perfectly round!

Paulina Gutierrez
Denver, CO

To put it simply, Tools works. Our district participated in a university federal research project of Tools of the Mind. Our Tools Kindergarten children were, three years later, number 1 and 2 in the state’s third grade testing. 

Dr. Maggie Mack
Director of Early Childhood
Orleans, MA

Today’s kindergarten administrators face more pressure than ever before

Kindergarten leaders, you are charged with supporting children and teachers in countless ways. Imagine a comprehensive curriculum that builds a regulated, inclusive culture.

Tools empowers
school leaders to...

Approach teaching and learning in a way that is designed to close the achievement gap

Equip teachers with a deeper understanding of child development to enable them to successfully engage all children in activities with their peers

Increase teacher success and continuous professional learning while restoring the joy of teaching

Align teaching with the science of learning so every child learns how to learn while building core academic skills

Anticipate children meeting or even exceeding expectations on district and state assessments as they reach their full potential

Cultivate partnerships between teachers and families to support every child’s development

You need a proven curriculum with demonstrated impact

Tools is an evidence-based kindergarten program that meets all the criteria you’re accountable for and then some. Learn how Tools aligns with state standards and best practices.

  • Aligns with state standards and the science of reading
  • Recognized by CASEL as a SELect program
  • Supports kindergarteners with special needs 
  • Supports kindergarteners performing beyond grade-level
  • Offers digital literacy assessments and other assessment options
  • Includes digital literacy assessments and paper assessment options
  • Offers a unique UNESCO approved approach to writing

Making a
measurable impact

Watch this video to see the power of Tools in action. You’ll see the remarkable benefits of Tools Kindergarten curriculum as compared to another classroom with non-Tools curriculum. The Tools difference is statistically significant.

What will I get when I partner with Tools?

Our award-winning comprehensive kindergarten curriculum includes literacy, math, science, social studies and more while embedding self-regulation and social skill development in all activities.


Comprehensive curriculum

Get ready to empower your teachers. They’ll get a manual full of activities and a plan book that offers the support and freedom to plan on their own and vary challenge levels. A kit full of kindergarten materials is also available so teachers can easily launch Tools activities and set up their classroom.


Administrator dashboard

You’ll get access to a suite of online resources, including an administrator dashboard to see what teachers are working on as they learn to implement Tools. You’ll be able to support them with real-time data on children’s literacy development at a classroom and individual level. You’ll even get integrated support for teachers and families to easily communicate.


Professional development

Administrators, here’s where it all comes together. In between our workshops spread across the year, teachers get a dedicated Tools partner to offer personalized professional development on our digital TREE platform so together, we meet your unique children where they are, and propel their development.

Tools fits every school leader, every teacher and every child

Because we’re based on neuroscience and Vygotskian theory, Tools is designed to meet every child where they are, no matter what their unique abilities.

Tools empowers schools to support:
Dual language learners and English language learners
Children with special needs (including on the autism spectrum)
Children who enter school without verbal skills
Children who have experienced adversity and stress
Children with challenging behaviors
Children of all skill and ability levels
Tools works with all programs including:
Full day and half-day programs
Programs that run from 2 to 5 days/week
Substantially separate special needs classrooms
Integrated special needs classrooms
Spanish immersion and bilingual classrooms (instruction in Spanish)
Public schools, charter schools, Head Start programs, community-based PreK and more

Ready to bring the power of Tools to your school?

Tools is the comprehensive early childhood program that develops every child’s self-regulation in every activity. Research shows that self-regulation is the biggest predictor of success in school and life.

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