Bite of Tools workshops

Teachers, administrators, coaches and caregivers – we hear you,  value your dedication and are committed to meeting your needs. Responding to the growing demand, Tools is now offering Bite of Tools professional development workshops.

Self-regulation impacts everything

Self-regulation plays a critical role in children’s overall development and is linked to positive outcomes in school and life. Many children have not yet developed the self-regulation they need to:

  • Manage their emotions and behaviors
  • Think before they act
  • Engage in positive interactions and shared learning with peers
  • Learn how to learn
  • Develop school readiness and academic skills

Classrooms with lower self-regulation can have more challenging behaviors, disrupting teachers' ability to facilitate learning and eroding even experienced teachers’ confidence and joy in teaching.

Empower teachers with a Bite of Tools 

Early childhood is the key developmental period in which teachers and families can support self-regulation development. That is, if they’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge. That’s why our Bite of Tools workshops are thoughtfully designed to empower teachers & caregivers with:

  • An understanding of children's self-regulation development
  • Innovative teaching practices and strategies to build children's self-regulation
  • Actionable next steps to propel every child’s development

Ready to bring a bite of the transformative Tools approach to your program?

We want to learn more about the challenges you’re facing. Let’s work together to plan your professional development so you can build a brighter future for your students and teachers. Get ready to shape a generation of resilient, self-regulated learners.

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