There’s preschool. And then there’s Tools preschool.

When you walk into a Tools preschool, you see a world of intentional make-believe play. Tools preschoolers are busy building the foundational skills they’ll need for school and life. And they get them in the most age-appropriate way.

Every Tools activity builds foundational self-regulation and social skills while targeting school readiness essentials like: 

  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Motor development

What Tools administrators say

Don’t just take it from us: Hear what Tools administrators have to say.

I chose Tools because it's the best program for preschool children. The teachers learn to scaffold their teaching to meet the needs of each child and the children learn both the academic and social skills to achieve success in school. There's no other program out there that does this so well. We're so excited to be using this research-based curriculum!

Judith Serra
Head of School
Whitehouse Station, NJ

One of the reasons I love Tools of the Mind so much is because every time something comes up, whether it’s special education, multilingual learners or science of reading, I can confidently say Tools enables us to address student needs in a really comprehensive way.

Lauren Ellis
Senior Director of Programs
Tukwila, WA

Tools professional development is extensive giving my teachers the support necessary to provide our youngest learners with a quality preschool program. Parents cannot say enough positive things about my teachers and the Tools curriculum!

Rosemary Gebhardt
Vernon, NJ

I've worked in this field for 30 years and until I learned about Tools, I could never find a curriculum that I liked. They were either too "open" and unstructured or too "academic" and developmentally inappropriate for 3-4 year olds. Tools is both developmentally appropriate and appropriately challenging. The training paradigm allows teachers to learn in a group, go out and practice the skills and then return to discuss what they have learned. My team particularly enjoyed the coaching.

Elizabeth Billings-Fouhy
Early Childhood & SPED Supervisor
Lexington, MA

Tools is based on Vygotzsky's Zone of Proximal Development and allows for natural differentiation within a classroom. Tools also allows for teachers and students to be creative, which every preschool teacher loves.

Sharon Shepphard
Preschool Program Coordinator
Roanoke, VA

Tools of the Mind has definitely had a tremendous impact on our teachers. It’s about the interactions with students and the implementation of a solid curriculum designed to really scaffold learning and grow our learners to be as capable as they can be.

Ann Kreft
Director of Preschool Programs
Roanoke, VA

Today’s preschool administrators do more than ever before

Preschool leaders, you are responsible for so much. Each of your preschool classrooms would benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that builds a regulated, inclusive culture so teachers can help each learner reach their full potential.

Tools empowers
school leaders to...

Integrate self-regulation and social-emotional learning into the curriculum to ensure all children develop these skills

Provide teachers with teaching practices and classroom management strategies to build regulated, inclusive communities

Equip teachers with a deeper understanding of child development to enable them to successfully engage all children in activities with their peers

Increase teacher success and continuous professional learning while restoring the joy of teaching

Empower teachers to build school readiness and the underlying foundational skills to set every child up for success in school and life

Cultivate partnerships between teachers and families to support every child’s development

You need a proven curriculum with demonstrated impact

Tools is an evidence-based early childhood program that meets all the criteria you’re accountable for and then some. Learn how Tools aligns with state standards and best practices.

Tools of the Mind:

  • Aligns with state standards
  • Recognized by CASEL as a SELect program
  • Supports preschoolers with special needs
  • Supports preschoolers performing at grade level and beyond
  • Works in integrated classrooms and settings with separate special ed
  • Works in half-day and full-day preschool programs
  • Offers digital literacy assessment and other assessment options
  • Offers professional development in English and Español

Making a
measurable impact

Preschool administrators need to make sure their teachers are supported and their children are prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Tools curriculum does all this and more. The measurable results are statistically significant. Check out the positive impact of Tools curriculum on children, teachers and families.

What will I get when I partner with Tools?

Our comprehensive program includes a teacher-approved blend of curriculum and professional development. You’ll get everything you need to meet the needs of your preschool children, teachers and families.


Teachers manuals + plan books

You’ll get everything you need to get Tools up and running. Our classroom materials are available in both Spanish and English. Our curriculum manuals, materials, and professional development are also available in Español. You can choose to purchase additional classroom materials kits with Tools activities and more to easily launch the program.


Administrator dashboard

You’ll get access to a suite of online resources, including an administrator dashboard to see what teachers are working on as they learn how to implement Tools approach and curriculum. You’ll be able to support them with access to real-time data on children’s literacy development at a classroom and individual level. You’ll even get integrated support for teachers and families to easily communicate.


Professional development

Here’s where it all comes together. Every Tools school gets a dedicated Tools of the Mind team member to support their team. Plus, you’ll get 30+ hours* of teacher professional development in Year One for lead and assistant teachers, with the option for administrators and coaches to join. 

*With TREE the total professional development time is 50 hours.

Tools fits every school leader, every teacher and every child

Because we’re based on neuroscience and Vygotskian theory, Tools is designed to meet every child where they are, no matter what their unique abilities.

Tools empowers preschool programs to support:
Dual language learners and English language learners
Children with and without identified special needs
Children who enter school without verbal skills
Children who have experienced adversity and stress
Children who enter with high-level or exceptional skills in some areas
Tools works with all programs including:
Full day and half-day PreK and TK programs
Programs that run from 2 to 5 days/week
Substantially separate special needs classrooms and integrated special needs classrooms
Spanish immersion and bilingual classrooms (instruction in Spanish)
Public schools, charter schools, Head Start programs, community-based PreK and more

Ready to bring the power of Tools to your school?

Tools is the comprehensive early childhood program that develops every child’s self-regulation in every activity. Research shows that self-regulation is the biggest predictor of success in school and life.

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